Prop Trading

The Autopilot

When a ship sails for the first time, it covers most of the route to the next port on autopilot. Only in special situations does the helmsman switch off the autopilot and carefully navigate the ship manually.

The same thing applies to proprietary trading. We use fully automated trading systems (Expert Advisor for MetaTrader 4) to steer our ship, i.e. capital, through the stormy waters of the financial markets.


Small, fast and flexible!

The inveus trading team is not a bank. We are also not licensed by an exchange supervisory authority as asset managers. We cannot and may not offer you any deposit guarantees.

And as prop traders, we are small, tiny actually. To speak in seaman’s terms, we’re sailing our sailing boot in the shipping channel of a Supertanker.

So why would you even be interested in us? Simple:

1. As prop traders, we’re much more flexible than banks and funds. We can react a lot faster to extreme market conditions: Immediately. Every day. Every hour. Every minute. Always. And even by a tablet or mobile phone and from anywhere!

2. We have gained at lot of experience from proprietary trading, especially fully automated, that we can and are allowed to share for your benefit. The financial advice we give you is just as independent as we are and it can save you a hell lot of money by NOT doing the same mistakes we did.

And what do you get out of it?

Take a look at our performance. For 10 years now, we outsmarted the zero interest rate policy with our strategy. If you are interested in a cooperation, we can offer to share our knowledge with you.