We don't talk about your risk. We take liability for it.

Joint Vestor

Fair. Transparent. Unique.

Only at inveus.

There are countless ways to make money on the stock market. But just as many ways to lose. Because when it comes to speculation: no return is without risk!

However, we also do not know of any asset management company in the world that participates in the losses of its investors. That is exactly what we have changed with Joint Vestor. Our concept is fair and transparent. And why unique?

We are liable for your Risk. Not with words. But cash.

How does Joint Vestor work?

The Joint Vestor concept is simple:

  • We open a joint foreign exchange account with JFD, our trusted online broker
  • You invest 10,000 Euro of free investment capital
  • We add 25% of our own liability capital to your investment capital, i.e. 2,500 Euro
  • We trade the joint starting capital of 12,500 euros exactly six months with our automated trading strategies in the foreign exchange market
  • You will receive daily account statements and can even follow trading live via app at any time
  • After the term we divide the profit in half

Control is good...

The shared account at JFD is called Joint Account. For each joint account, we create a written agreement that both parties must abide by. Both parties, you as the investor and us as the provider of the strategy, have the same administrative rights in this account.

Trust is better!

For transactions such as payouts, JFD always requires joint approval. This means that no party can withdraw capital from the account without the written consent of the other party. This protects your initial capital as well as our liability capital from unilateral withdrawal.

Why is Joint Vestor unique?

1. We leverage your profit

Win-Win: By adding our own liability capital to your investment capital, we create a larger, joint seed capital. This also allows us to "leverage" our joint profit potential.

With Joint Vestor, inveus is the world's first provider of investment strategies that participates with its own capital in the risk of loss of investors.

2. We are liable for the risk of loss

If the joint seed capital in our joint account falls by 20% during the term, our system automatically closes all open positions and terminates trading.

The equation is simple:

12,500 Euro - 20% = 10,000 Euro

That means in case of loss:

  • Our liability capital would be lost.
  • Your investment capital would be retained.


Are you interested?

If you are interested in Joint Vestor, we will be happy to send you our electronic brochure as a PDF file. It contains all details, sample calculations and the conditions for joint trading.

Free of charge and without obligation, of course.

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