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You never have to give us any money. No matter which offer you choose, you will always be in complete possession of your capital!

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kidsVESTOR: from EUR 3,000

A clever investment for the offspring!

From baptism to driver's license: children are always a good investment, because they are our future! And so that they can shape their own future not only good but really great, parents, family and friends should start investing in children at an early age.

How this works with kidsVESTOR by inveus is explained on the Website.

Joint Vestor: from EUR 50,000


Our FX: PATEA works for exactly 6 months after its launch in a JFD Joint Account. You will receive up to 70% of the potential profit if you share the risk of loss with us. If you leave half of the potential profit to us, we will take over the full risk of loss.

You decide!

The Derivative: from EUR 10.000

FX:PATEA to be listed on the stock exchange

We are planning the first stock Exchange listed bond, based on our automated trading strategy FX: PATEA.

The legal formalities for an authorization and issuing at the German Bafin have already been passed. We expect the release and the first subscription in January 2019.