Family & Friends...

As private investors, we multiply the money of our Family and closest Friends. Therefore we have dedicated ourselves to proprietary trading in currencies. Since 2007, we have been traveling the Forex markets around the world, looking day by day for good opportunities to beat the still-running zero interest rate policies.

Sure, a good return is always associated with risk. However, knowing that prices of tradable instruments such as stocks, currencies and others are unpredictable, two key questions seemed more important to us than just controlling the risk:

  • Could you get the probability of long-term successful trading on your side?

And if so:

  • Does it make any sense to compete with the "Big Boys", the most powerful market players?

Read our profile, which is our philosophy. It does not have to be yours. But if it does, we look forward to meeting you!


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Above-average returns based on our Expert Advisor FX:PATEA.

With kidsVESTOR, parents, family and friends can invest long term in their children, and with our ZERO RISK offer, investors can earn 50% profit on their capital for 6 months - without any risk whatsoever. More about this soon.