Our world: The world of algorithms

When we decided to use automated trading systems in proprietary trading, so-called Expert Advisors in 2015, we decided to use MetaTrader 4. Why have we stopped trading discretionarily? Well, for us fully automated trading has three clear advantages over discretionary trading.


What exactly is an Expert Advisor?

An Expert Advisor, aka EA, is fundamentally an algorithm that enables traders to fully automate the trading of one or more financial instruments on the stock market. Fully automated means that transactions are opened, managed and closed according to an underlying trading strategy. One could also call EAs trading robots.


Which returns can an EA achieve?

And the most interesting question: do they always beat 'the market' or professional and institutional Traders or asset managers?

Our prop trading EA live account at JFD Brokers, filled with our own (real) starting capital, will give you insight into the performance that fully automated trading can offer with one of our Expert Advisor Systems.

The inveus Forex Pattern EA

Start: 10/1/2017

This account with a starting capital of EUR 100,000 is hosted by JFD, our trusted broker. 0.2 lot is used in each of five of the most liquid currency pairs, the majors, in the 30-minute chart: EUR / USD, EUR / JPY, GBP / USD, USD / JPY, USD / CAD. The risk parameters are defined for continuous operation without interruption. Nevertheless, we always switch off the EA before events which provide high volatility to protect the funds.

Start: 1/1/2017

A classic family account, operated for the daughter. Starting with 50,000 euros, additional funds from the generous fund of family members were added and risk has been moderately adapted accordingly. This can certainly finance a complete study or start-up capital for the first independent company. In this chart, we show pure net profit, regardless of deposits and withdrawals.

Start: 1/6/2017

An account in use for very good friends. The Agreement: The account is held in the name of the friend with an online broker of our choice, so the friend retains full control of his funds. With a private agreement, which also protects the maximum risk of loss of 20% of the starting capital (EUR 50,000), access to the account is granted. The profit is divided in half and paid out twice a year.

Start: 10/1/2016

At the end of September 2016, we launched a Junior account for the "next generation" in our family. With a starting capital of EUR 1,000 and a leverage of 1:400, the EA should pay for the classic driving license of the granddaughters 18th birthday. Maybe our EA can even manage to put the first car on top...?

MQL5 FXPEA 3000 | Start: 4/9/2018

With the MQL5 signal copy service from MetaQuotes, the developer of the world's most widely used trading platforms MetaTrader 4 and 5, you can now participate for 3,000 euros in the success of the inveus Forex Pattern EA trading system. How? Quite simple: rent our Expert Advisor from just USD 30 per month for long-term asset accumulation in small accounts. If you are interested, you should take a look at our offer

Scale Up 2 & 5 M | Start: 2/19/2018 & 4/15/2018

We study an eventual project case using starting capital of EUR 2 and 5 million: In two demo accounts we want to leave the usual account size of max. EUR 100,000 and test a scaling, which could possibly become serious after initializing an investable public fund.


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