The inveus Blog Netiquette

Treat everyone the way you want to be treated.

(Jesus Christ, Matthew 7:12)


Our blog rules for a respectful communication

We look forward to communicating with you. However, we ask you to follow our netiquette for the blog to ensure respectful communication among all users.

Polite, friendly, tolerant:

Please write your comments in the way you would like them to be from all other users of the blog. Even if you have a different opinion on a topic, we ask you to formulate your contributions politely. Also show tolerance for the opinion of others. Nobody has leased the truth for themselves. For example, do not write: "This is total nonsense", but: "I disagree, and My opinion is ..."

Respect intellectual property:

Please treat respectfully with the intellectual property of your fellow human beings. Please refer or link with citations always to the author. If you are unsure whether to use a quote, we urge you to seek the permission of the author or to refrain from quoting. We also ask that you refrain from uploading photos if it does not necessarily match the current thread (for example, price charts). Please do not load any animated (gif) graphics in our blog.

Moderation and possibly deletion of comments

All comments are moderated by inveus. This means that your posts do not go online right away, they have to be controlled. This should not be a limitation of your esteemed opinion, but is solely for filtering

  • insults or personal attacks
  • offensive, discriminatory, racist, copyright infringing or other unlawful or criminally relevant content
  • Links to third-party content which are inadmissible as described above
  • Spam, algorithms and commercial advertising or the offering of own products and Services

By controlling the blog, we reserve the right to remove previously listed content prior to distribution in order to protect Disqus users and guest commentators.


For the accuracy and completeness of our comments, we assume no responsibility. Information about financial instruments does not constitute a solicitation to buy or sell. inveus trading assumes no liability or compensation in any form for (financial) damages arising from the use of the information published on this blog. The replies to our posts as well as comments from Disqus users and guest authors only reflect the opinions of their authors. For the correctness and completeness of the content, inveus assumes no liability, the same applies to the accuracy and completeness of linked content and / or websites of third parties.