Since 2007, we have been traveling the financial markets as proprietary traders, looking day by day for good opportunities to beat the zero interest rate policies.

No return without risk...

Sure, a good return is always associated with risk. However, with the knowledge that speculation in the stock market is very similar to a coin toss, two central questions seem much more important than just controlling the risk:

1. Can you get the probability of a consistently successful trading on your side to become profitable?

and if so:

2. Does it make sense to compete with the Big Boys, the most powerful market players around the world?

You can read in our profile, which is our philosophy. It does not have to be yours. But if it does, we look forward to meeting you and looking forward to a shared, exciting time on the stock markets.


kidsVESTOR is back

January 31, 2019

After very constructive negotiations with our partner JFD Brokers, we can proudly announce that we are re-launching our "cool" Kids savings plan.

In addition to the fair credits for serious losses after the Flash Crash on 2 January, JFD has now also adapted the trading technology as it is also used in asset management. This allows us to serve far more accounts hopefully 100% loss-free with our Expert Advisor FX:PATEA.

A big thank you goes to the management of JFD. From early February, the program is fully available again: