Since 2007, we have been traveling the financial markets as proprietary traders, looking day by day for good opportunities to beat the zero interest rate policies.

No return without risk...

Sure, a good return is always associated with risk. However, with the knowledge that speculation in the stock market is very similar to a coin toss, two central questions seem much more important than just controlling the risk:

1. Can you get the probability of a consistently successful trading on your side to become profitable?

and if so:

2. Does it make sense to compete with the Big Boys, the most powerful market players around the world?

You can read in our profile, which is our philosophy. It does not have to be yours. But if it does, you should take a closer look at our offer and find out how you can participate - consistently profitable!


10/31/2018 - FX:PATEA earns EUR 1 Million

Well that's a reason to open at least one piccolo tonight: our FX:PATEA has cracked the million in the demo account today with a starting capital of 5 million euros.

That's a 20% return since the launch on April 15, just after we asked for the first stock exchange listed inveus bond at Acon Bank Munich. Well, 20% in six months is not unusual for our EA, but we are still happy about it for two reasons.


10/30/2018 - kidsVESTOR on Facebook

Today inveus opened the Facebook Fanpage for kidsVESTOR. If interested, follow this link:


10/23/2018 - Welcome kidsVESTOR in Spain


¡Bienvenidos queridos padres, familiares y amigos en España! Los niños siempre representan una buena inversión porque son nuestro futuro...

The kidsVESTOR community is growing! From now on we welcome all parents, families and friends in Spain who want to invest long-term in their offspring.


10/20/2018 - Special offer for kidsVESTOR

2 free months for trial!

If you like kidsVESTOR, you will receive a special bonus from us until the WoT, which opens its doors on November 23rd. If you open a new Kids account until the WoT, you will receive two instead of one free trial months. And anyone who already subscribed to kidsVESTOR and recommends a new dad and / or a new mom for account opening will receive the bonus: 2x 30 Euro service fee per month, that's 60 Euro.

We will send you the exact conditions on your request. You can find the contact form here:


No hidden fine print, no cat in the bag, no catch. Just a great savings program for our offspring, which we now really want to promote!